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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning. welcome to a special edition of "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie in washington, d.c. we will, of course, matt, have complete coverage of the president's state of the union address and the republican response in a moment. but first i know that scene in big bear lake, california, remains very active this morning, matt. >> yeah. it's been very busy there. investigators spent the night at what's left of a cabin, 90 miles east of los angeles where that massive manhunt for christopher dorner came to an end. the drama unfolding way into the night. miguel almaguer is in big bear, following those developments. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. sheriff's deputies say they've not yet positively identified the body. multiple sources do tell nbc news it belongs to their suspect christopher dorner.
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his murder spree, they say, began more than a week ago today. they say it came to an end here in a cabin that went up in flames. gunfire in the mountains two hours east of los angeles. the statewide manhunt for fugitive christopher dorner took its dramatic, final turn on big bear mountain. >> we have the suspect holed up in a cabin. >> reporter: cornered inside a burning cabin, san bernardino sheriff says this is where they believe the former l.a. police officer and cop killer came to his end. >> we believe he is still inside the cabin, yes. >> reporter: there has been no sign of dorner since his burnt-out truck had been found six days ago. incredibly, just across the street from the sheriff's command post, sites of multiple media briefings. two women who arrived to clean the vacation rental stumbled on to dorner. he tied them up, then stole their car.
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>> the first was a purple nissan, which he ultimately appeared to have been driving too fast, lost control of the vehicle, crashed it, carjacked the second white pickup. >> reporter: police say he carjacked a truck from rick heltebrake. he spoke to the los angeles radio station kfi. >> this guy jumped in and out front of me, pointed a rifle at me. i put my hands up and stopped. he said, i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking. >> reporter: officers pursued dorner. >> he held a pistol out the window and fired multiple shots. >> reporter: 30 miles away from the first capen, dorner now ditched the truck. on foot, in the woods, he reached a second cabin with two deputies in pursuit, another gunfight. this time, both officers were hit. one is killed. >> law enforcement is a very close-knit family. all law enforcement agencies is a brotherhood. so, this is a very difficult day.
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>> reporter: in the middle of it all, a cbs reporter found himself 200 feet from the firefight. still engaged in the gun battle, a tactical unit launched tear gas into the cabin. >> burners deployed and we have a fire. >> reporter: the cabin erupted in flames. a single gun shot was heard from inside the home. overnight, still no positive identification. now after a deadly crime spree that captivated the nation, police believe dorner's reign of terror is finally over. investigators say they hope to positively identify christopher dorner's body over the next several hours. they say he murdered four during his killing spree. later on today, the funeral for the sheriff's deputy that he murdered will be held in just a few hours. savannah? >> miguel almaguer, thank you.
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rick heltebrake is the man who came face to face with christopher dorner when his car was hijacked. i began by asking how he was doing the morning after that or deal, and if he recognized dorner the moment he saw him? >> yes, i did. i was coming up camp road, side road off the highway, basically just out driving around, checking out my property, which is a pretty good sized boy scout camp that i run here. and i seen some law enforcement personnel in units in the area and it was kind of based on recent activity up here, kind of seemed like something was in the works. and i had gone down this road to check on my camp. i was heading back up the road, which is half a mile from the highway 38. christopher dorner came out of the snow -- out of the trees.
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i saw him right away. i saw a vehicle crashed behind him in the snow. he came up to me with his gun pointed at me and i stopped my truck, put it in park, raised my hands and he said, i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog, which is what i did. >> what was his demeanor? did he seem calm, panicked, angry? >> he was very calm. i stayed calm. it was a pretty serious situation based on recent events around here. wasn't a lot of panic. basically he told me what he wanted me to do, and i did it. >> did you see any other weaponry on him? obviously you said he was pointing the gun right at you. did he seem to have anything else on him? >> i couldn't tell if he had a sidearm or anything. i did see he was dressed all in camouflage. he had on a vest, some kind of
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ballistics vest with a lot of pockets in it, with like magazines for his rifle. i heard later that he was throwing smoke bombs so it could have been something like that in there, but they were full. there was a lot of stuff in there. he was dressed for action. >> what a harrowing ordeal for you. i assume you feel very lucky to have escaped unharmed. >> i was happy that he let me go and had me take my dog. and i've got to tell you, not more than ten seconds that have, i was walking up the road. that's when i heard a volley of gunfire. at that point, i bailed into the snow and hid behind a tree and called the local deputy up here on his personal cell phone, and told him what was going on. that's when everything started happening. i found out later what was happening with those gun shots. >> rick heltebrake, thank you for being here. we're so glad you're safe. thanks for sharing your story. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to turn to clint van zandt, former fbi profiler. as we understand it, christopher
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dorner was hiding out in a home across the street basically from the police command post. how can that happen? >> many times you do a search you search the area closest to the command post first. you put a mark on the house and say we already searched it. that could have taken place and dorner could have circled around, perhaps at night, come back inside that house and realized he then had a perfect view of law enforcement and the media as to what's going on. he didn't need a tv. he was able to look out the window and see the activity around him. >> you've called him one of the most dangerous individuals law enforcement has had to deal with in a very long time. thank you for your perspective. appreciate it. >> sure. passionate plea from president obama about gun control, among many other things, during his state of the union address. this as he hits the road today to rally support for his proposal. let's get to chuck todd. >> good morning, savannah. the speech was really a tale of
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two speeches. there was the traditional state of the union part of it. a speech that was filled, dominated by the economy and other familiar-sounding domestic proposals, but then it was an unusual, emotional ending to the speech. and it's that that will probably leave the lasting impression. >> they deserve a vote. >> reporter: an emotional refrain to end president obama's state of the union address, as the president invoked victims of gun violence in america. >> it is not a bigger government we need, but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-base. >> reporter: the economy, invoking a phrase he used a lot in 2012, the middle class. >> a growing economy that creates good, middle-class jobs, that must be the north star that guides our efforts. >> reporter: and taking a page from the last democratic president, bill clinton, by
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offering a laundry list of poll tested ideas. >> i'm announcing a launch of three more of these manufacturing house, and raise the minimum wage to $9. make high-quality preschool available to every single child in america. a new college score card that parents and students can use. i propose we use some of our oil and gas revenues to fund an energy security crisis. >> reporter: mr. obama adopted a tough tone throughout his address. >> let's set party interests aside and work to pass a budget that replaces reckless cuts with smart savings and wise investments in our future. let's do it without the brinkmanship that scares off investors and stresses consumers. >> reporter: the night's emotional moment, the president's call for congress to at least vote on serious gun control, invoking the memory of gun victims like hadiya pendleton, a 15-year-old girl who performed at the president's inauguration and one week later
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was shot and killed in chicago. >> hadiya's parents, nate and cleo, are here tonight, along with two dozen families whose lives have been torn apart by gun violence. they deserve a vote. gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. the families of aurora deserve a vote. the families of tucson and the countless other communities ripped open by gun violence, they deserve a simple vote. >> not your typical ending there to a state of the union. republican response given by florida senator marco rubio gave the impression about how hard it's going to be to pass.
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combative speech, filled with a personal story, but somewhat combative. >> and both sides laying claim to being advocates for the middle class. substance aside, there is a moment in rubio's speech where he reaches for a swig of water. >> it was a jarring moment. we were taken aback, watching. but it was somewhat jarring. he, himself, sort of made fun of moment. he has tweeted out the fact that he maybe -- someone joked he may be giving up poland spring water for lent. >> he tweeted a picture of the offending water bottle and twitter quick to dub it watergate. >> what else do you call it? >> thank you, chuck. i spoke to republican speaker of the house john boehner at a place called pete's diner, his favorite breakfast spot steps away from the capitol. i asked him about tough comments
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he made on tuesday, saying he didn't believe the president had the guts to stand up to his own party in an effort to tackle the nation's fiscal problems. >> what i is suggested during the debt talks is that the president didn't have the courage to take on members of his own party. the president knows we have a serious spending problem, a structural debt problem that needs to be resolved but there were issues we had agreed upon in the summer of 2011 that once we got to december of 2012 weren't even on the table anymore. >> but when you say he doesn't have the guts to stand up to his own party, mr. speaker, couldn't you face that same accusation from democrats? >> listen, i've had my troubles with my own party, there's no question about it. but it was never about the courage to step up and do the right thing for the country. >> and by calling the president of the united states out in such harsh terms today, on the day of the state of the union address, and questioning his guts and questioning his courage, and
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he's going to walk into that chamber tonight, hand you a copy of his speech and he's going to stand in front of you and people are going to be watching your face throughout that entire speech. a lot of people are going to say, here we go. same old division. same old animosity. don't they have a right to say that? >> no. listen, the president and i get along fine. we do. we have a very good relationship. we come from very different -- >> is this all politics, the questions you raise today? >> we come from very different worlds. he has a liberal ideology. i come from the more conservative side. having said that, american people on election day gave us a mandate, republican congress and democratic president and the mandate was to find a way to work together, find common ground. >> if there seems to be an area where there's a glimmer of hope of cooperation, it's on immigration. we had eight senators, four from each side of the aisle, come up with a plan. neither side really gets what they want in this.
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isn't that the way american people want it? >> yes. that's why i've had four or five republicans sit with four or five democrats for years, working on issues of immigration. what i've been trying to do is foster this bipartisan conversation on immigration reform, both legal and illegal immigration. i would hope that the senate players could continue to work in a bipartisan fashion. that's the only way we're going to be able to address the big issues that face our country. >> sharing this idea of not everybody getting what they want and taking it down the road. will you bring a bill to the floor of the house even if you don't think you'll get a support of the majority of people in your party, but if you do think that, working with democrats, you'll get it accomplished? will you do that? >> i've done it before. >> will you do that on immigration? >> i've done it twice. we'll have to see what the bill is. we have to work through this in a bipartisan way. we can't get the cart before the horse and begin to try to resolve this. >> if it meant accepting, on
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your part, a pathway to citizenship to get it done, would you pursue it? >> let's not assume the outcome. let's allow this conversation to occur, get members working together, expand their group and hopefully we'll have a bipartisan solution to what's a very difficult problem. >> there seems to be enormous support for a way to curb gun violence in this country. people talk about better mental health screenings. they talk about getting violence out of our culture, pop culture, movies, tv, videos that kids are playing and a lot of people think that you've also got to go and put limits and further restrictions on gun ownership and guns in this country. are restrictions like that part of any comprehensive effort to curb gun violence? >> all our hearts go out to the victims of these tragedies around our country. i would hope that we would take a broader look at this. the violence in our society. where does it come from? if you look at each of these mass shootings, each of the
7:16 am
shooters all had mental health issues. how can we do a better job there of controlling their access to weapons? what do we do about school safety? there are a lot of things we need to look at. >> how do you feel about putting armed guards in schools? >> there are a lot of ideas out there. the question is, what will truly help bring down the violence in our society? i think taking this easy approach and trying to put more rules on lawful gun owners -- remember, they're lawful gun owners. the people who own guns illegally, they don't pay attention anyway. >> we'll have more of our interview with the speaker a little later in the show. right now we want to go to vatican city in rome where nbc's anne thompson has more on the first appearance from pope benedict xvi since his announcement that he's stepping
7:17 am
down at the end of the month. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. this is ash wednesday. it's usually a somber day in the catholic church. there's a celebratory air here in vatican city as the pope begins what some are calling his farewell tour. this morning, the public getting its first chance to express their appreciation for pope benedict since announcing his abdication. with the end of his papacy days away. a church famous for its rituals, vatican officials are working without a script as benedict moves into retirement. what are you going to call pope benedict once he steps down? >> i don't think he will be the pope emeritus. one of his other titles is the bishop of rome. he will probably be the americas bishop of rome. >> reporter: showed a flare for fashion, earning the nickname the prada pope. this monastery is being
7:18 am
renovated for pope benedict. it will have a library for the scholarly man and his cats will accompany him. no word yet on whether there will be a piano as well. he is expected to distance himself from the politics of the church. >> he is somebody very far away from the intrigue, okay? he hasn't dwelled on that. if he did, i imagine he would still want to be pope and wielding power and making decisions. >> reporter: this morning, pope benedict will preside over ash wednesday mass. it was moved to st. peter's basilica to accommodate the thousands who are expected to attend what could be the last public mass of his papacy. the vatican has announced the
7:19 am
conclave to choose his successor will begin the week after march 15th. matt? >> anne thompson in vatican city for us this morning. thank you so much. mr. roker is here now with a check of the weather. good morning, al. >> hey, we've got a little unsettled weather in the east. down south, we've got a risk of strong storms in the southeast. a few winter weather advisories from west virginia through long island. we've got frozen precip up through ohio. we're looking for half an inch to an inch of rain in the midatlantic on into the southeast. and later this afternoon we expect one to three inches of snow east of long island could see about four inches. we'll have a check of your local forecast right after this message. . the east end of long island could see about 4 inches. we'll have a check of your forecast right after these messages. ♪ "love" a collection by prabal gurung,
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exclusively at target. for a limited time. >> announcer: "today in the bay" weather is sponsored by bank of the west. >> 7:21. good morning. i'm christina loren. this is san jose. a little haze here making for a gorgeous sunrise. i'm happy to point out we are in the good to moderate air quality range. you will notice the haze today. 67 in livermore. 64 in fremont. 67 in gilroy. that means another beautiful day for us. tomorrow, warmer. we'll peak on friday at 70 degrees. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. this morning we're getting a first look at the passengers strand on that cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. and the best in show from the westminster dog show. we'll meet banana joe. he's a cutie. ea monsignor.
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7:25 am
he leaves behind a wife and two children. in the bay area, busy as well. a pittsburgh police officer recovering this morning after a shootout with a suspect. last night the officer and his partner tried to approach a man at 11th and maple. the man took off. officers gave chase. that's when the man turned and started shooting. one officer was hit but he and his partner managed to return fire. >> our officers did an outstanding oh job today. they come to work every day knowing they can face a situation like this. they acted upon the threat and did what they were trained to do. we're glad they are both okay. >> the suspect was hit but is expected to be okay. the officer that was shot has been elised from the hospital. police are on the scene interviewing witnesses. they say the suspect has a long criminal history and a number of outstanding warrants. the weather is outstanding in a different way. want to check it now the christina lauren. >> good morning to you.
7:26 am
a thin ml. you can see mount diablo peeking out the top. san jose hazy. we'll enjoy a clear sky by 11:00 a.m. even with the haze we are in the good to moderate range for air quality. highs looking good. 67 in livermore. 62 degrees in san francisco. getting into valentine's day, even warmer. steaming you up for valentine's day at 68 inland. 70 on friday. let's check the drive with ap though any. >> mike is off. we want to keep you up to date with the bay bridge toll plaza. typical slow downs there. nothing major. fog in that location. also in the east bay we are looking at congestion on 880 southbound where the major congestion is. a few accidents on 85 northbound in the south bay. also on montague expressway. back to you. >> thank you very much, anthony. another local news update in half an hour. hope you get a chance to enjoy this.
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7:28 am
. best in show winner with the 137th western kennel club dog show. >> banana joe is his name, a black dog with a sweet face. and he made history last night, becoming the first oppenpinscher
7:29 am
to win show. and he's celebrating with, who else, us at studio 1a. it's february 13, 2013. i'm va january na g-- savannah washington, matt lauer in l.a. >> they rarely get the respect they deserve, as you know. banana joe is here. we're going to check him out a little later on. also ahead, natalie's public service announcement that banana joe and his canine friends will really like, savannah. >> we had the gangnam style, everybody loved that, and now we have the harlem shake. everybody on the team is going to give it a try this morning. high degree of difficulty there.
7:30 am
fear for passengers on a stricken cruise ship in the gulf of mexico. carnival cruise lines is apologizing. they're in mobile, alabama. that's where the ship is expected to arrive sometime tomorrow. good morning to you. >> reporter: an apology from the president of the cruise line, and now the ntsb and the coast guard say they're launching an investigation into the fire that caused a power outage on that massive ship. as you said, it's heading here very slowly to the port of mobile, and as it does, we have new pictures of the ship and also of the passengers who can't get here soon enough. this morning we have our first look at some of the thousands of passengers on the crippled cruise ship. lined up on the deck of triumph, they cheered as another carnival ship delivered food. but what they want most, to get off this ship, is still many hours away. tess hester's daughter kristin is on board and sent her mom this message. >> this is honestly the worst
7:31 am
experience ever. i don't know if i can take two more days on sea with no food, power or water. >> reporter: there are no more than two dozen working toilets. passengers say a foul odor has seeped into every corner, sickening some, as desperate people take desperate measures. >> the worst part is the bathrooms. there's no water. you can't really flush so everyone is going in little plastic baggies and putting it outside their room. >> reporter: this is the fourth day without power as tug boats tow the stricken ship towards mobile. carnival called the conditions challenging, and for the first time since sunday's fire, carnival's president came out and apologized. >> i think it's very important that i apologize to our guests and to their families that have been affected by this very difficult situation. >> reporter: carnival says it's been keeping families updated, but lindsay peterson, whose parents are on the ship, are hearing one story from them and another from carnival. >> carnival is telling me that all the passengers are safe, the
7:32 am
boat has 40% power, they have one dining room working with hot food and hot coffee, that the sleeping conditions are fine. everything that carnival has told me thus far has not matched up with what my mom said. >> reporter: a.j. jones also has a family member on board, his wife tami, who is hanging in there for the moment. >> her spirits were good. a couple girls in her group were not necessarily panicking but starting to be a little bit uneasy, which is understandable. i think the longer it goes on, the worse it will get. >> reporter: the ship will be here sometime tomorrow. carnival now says it's making plans to get people home as quickly as possible. they booked 1500 hotel rooms between here and new orleans for thursday night and then 20 charter flights out of both of those cities on friday, and that's for people who want to get home quicker, which is probably a lot of people. they've got charter buses going out on thursday night. >> it just sounds like a horrible situation.
7:33 am
janet chandley, our hearts go out to people and their families. let's get a check of the weather from al. good morning, everybody. got a nice morning here. lots of sunshine, blue skies. folks enjoying themselves. let's go to the weather wall and see what we've got for you today. afternoon temperatures nice and mild through the southeast, though it will be a little on the rainy side there. 60s down in southern texas. 70s and 60s on the pacific coast in california. we have a risk of strong storms in northern florida, the southern georgia border. look for rain in the mid-atlantic states. some snow along the northern plains. beautiful day down in l.a. today. plenty of sunshine and a high of 69. 59 in 7:35 on wednesday morning. good morning. i'm christina loren. low clouds to start the day over
7:34 am
the coast will keep temperatures on the cool side. nonetheless only talking about the low 60s at the coast versus mid to upper 60s inland. cold enough for a jacket. 43 in san francisco. we are headed for 66 degrees inland today. 63 bayside and 61 degrees at the coast. if you are looking for warmer days we keep on climbing through friday. 70 degrees on the way inland by friday. san mateo, hi. you guys you guys dancing a lot? >> yeah. >> but you're standing still here. they're going to do the harlem shake. can't wait to see that. let's head back to matt. >> thank you very much. coming up next, how did a man sent to a psychiatric hospital for murdering his mother get released and end up building an arsenal of dangerous guns? we'll tell you that story right after this. [ woman ] wow. [ man ] it's the first diamond ever independently certified to be visibly brighter. it's perfect.
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back now at 7:40 with nbc news special flashpoint guns in america coverage, and a case that raises troubling questions. how did a man who killed his mother and declared mentally ill and dangerous later find a way to get his hands on a shocking number of firearms?
7:39 am
nbc's kevin tibbles has details on this story. good morning. >> many am minnesota are asking how could this slip through the cracks, a young man who already killed his mother, now found with an arsenal along with something as equally disturbing. >> this is a desert eagle, semi automatic. >> reporter: stockpile of guns with immense fire power all seized in january from home of 32-year-old christian philip overender, minneapolis. >> pretty concerned and i think everyone was quite scared, to be honest with you. >> reporter: why were neighbors scared? back in 1995, just then 14, he killed his mother, mary, in the same house with a gun. >> it certainly rang a bell with me from that. >> reporter: sheriff jim olsen was a young detective back then and when he heard that oberender
7:40 am
posted guns on facebook, his memory told him to be concerned. >> he should not have guns on facebook and he should -- he should just not have guns. >> reporter: deemed mentally ill and dangerous by the courts and committed to a state psychiatric hospital for his mother's murder. he was released as an adult more thn than a decade ago. police discovered a 15-weapon arsenal that included assault rifles and ammunition. not only did you find the guns but a note he wrote to his dead mother. >> a note that was chilling in its content. >> reporter: oberender wrote i think about killing all the t e time. the monster want out. it went on. the monster want to hurt people. >> in the polarized world we're in right now, it seems as if you're either for, quote, unquote, gun control or for addressing the mental health issues. when the reality is that we need to reduce gun violence by doing both. >> reporter: investigators are still trying to determine how
7:41 am
oberender got the guns. it appears he obtained a legitimate firearms permit by transposing his first and middle names on the application. background check in this case wouldn't have worked anyway. the bureau of criminal apprehension had no record of his murdering his mother. that issue is also being investigated. >> this certainly could have turned out a different way for us, for carver county, the state of minnesota. >> and for america. >> yeah, and for america. >> reporter: the chief now shutters to think what might have happened, had his memory failed him. more than 80 people in minnesota previously committed by a judge have been found with weapons. oberender will be sentenced next month on these new charges.
7:42 am
his attorney has not returned our calls. >> you can see this and other stories on flashpoint. banana joe, we will meet this year's best in show right after this. [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. this year's best in show right after this. obanana joe, we will this year's best in show right after this. ibanana joe, we will this year's best in show right after this. nbanana joe, we willt this year's best in show right after this. gbanana joe, we will meet this year's best in show right after this. banana joe, w meet this year's best in show right after this. banana joe, we meet this year's best in show right after this. abanana joe, w meet this year's best in show right after this. nbanana joe, wl meet this year's best in show right after this. abanana joe, w.
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this is fun for us every year. we're back now, 7:47, with the dog crowned best in show last night at the westminster kennel club dog show.
7:46 am
we'll meet banana joe in a moment. first, nbc's katy tur has all the backstage action. good morning. >> good morning, matt. westminster dog show is all about the cute and sometimes quirky. and sometimes these pooches get artificial enhancement and that will get the first line. >> good boy. >> reporter: from shiny sheen to diamond duds and talented tricks, the westminster dog show is a show all right, and even more so behind the scenes. there are the slobberers. >> he's wearing a bib to keep him from getting dirty with all of his slobber. >> reporter: the lovers. oh, you are so loveable. and even the elizabeth taylors from cleopatra. but what there aren't are cheaters. according to kennel club rules no peds or performance-enhanced
7:47 am
dogs, no tattoos for black noses, no braces for straighter teeth and no cosmetic surgery for basset hound's droopy eyes. so this is that competitive? >> yep. >> reporter: in total, there are 2,721 dogs competing this year, but only seven get to compete for the big prize, best in show. but it's not just about the dog. >> i got to pull? >> reporter: it's also about the handler. come on, run. come on. i think i'm a natural. jewel, who loves milkshakes, won it for the hounds. bichon frise named honor won the nonsporting group. banana joe, the affenpinscher, for the toy group, swagger, the old english sheep dog, had just enough swagger. matisse. oakley for the sporting. >> best in show winner --
7:48 am
>> reporter: but again only one is top dog. banana joe. now banana joe is no newbie. he is a veteran. his owner says this was his last show. on the other hand, runner-up, swagger, is nearly brand new, has only been in four shows in his short 21-month life. if i were to hand out the award for the best hug, it would definitely be that big, fluffy white samoyed you saw a moment ago. >> katy, thank you. >> congrats, ernesto, to you. banana joe has won several prizes during his career but this one was the big daddy of them all. how did it feel? >> the best in show really to win in the world. most prestigious show to win and he finally got t it's wonderful. >> what's his history, his background? how did he come to be this
7:49 am
champion show dog? >> well, he was bred in the netherlands from a great pedigree line, started being shown there. and he surprised everybody by winning all the biggest shows out there, broke all the records for his breed for any affenpinscher ever in europe. and his father eimmigrated ther. >> got on a boat. got a ticket. >> it doesn't roll off people's tongues. tell me about the breed. >> they originated in germany, a farm dog. they were a little bigger then. as a ratter around the farm. they bred them down a little bit. they're now like a mouser around the house. they retained this cute look, the monkey dog, that face. >> the atmosphere at this show gets more and more electric every year. new york crowds are not subtle. they scream from the stands at
7:50 am
madison square garden. how has the show evolved over the years? >> in addition to being the greatest competition for dogs, it also is a celebration of the dogs in our lives. i think people come there who love dogs and want to see dogs and all the competition and want to see 187 breeds and varieties but also want to root for their own dog. i call it the alma mater factor. >> we heard the rules have changed because there's been some enhancement for dogs. no plastic surgery. >> the american kennel club has a pretty strict set of rules, judging is all well trained. >> no tattooing the noses to make them darker. >> this is his last show, so what's ahead for banana joe? >> just enjoy life. >> there you go. >> take a cruise. >> calm down a little bit. >> and the ladies probably as well. >> oh, yeah. >> congratulations. the harlem shake after your local news. tell me you love me.
7:51 am
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7:55 am
let's turn to better news. how about the forecast? here's a look with christina loren. >> good morning to you. pretty good-looking day. it's cold enough for a coat. 38 degrees in sunny vail. 46 in oakland. 43 degrees in san francisco. we head throughout noon, temperatureses will be comfortable. ditch the jacket. 59 at lunchtime. we'll round out the day in the mid to upper 60s. not even hitting the warmest part of the week yet. 69 bay side. at the coast on friday, 66 comfortable degrees. hard to believe we are in winter. 7:57. want to check the rush hour drive with anthony. >> we are looking at the typical slow downs in places like the bay bridge toll plaza. also in the east bay 880 specifically at washington on the northbound area. looking at a disabled vehicle.
7:56 am
both lanes slow going all the way from oakland. saratoga on 85 northbound there is an accident. even on 280, 101, typical slow downs as things unwind. in the city this morning, 280 and 101 remain jam-packed northbound and southbound. just allow extra time. >> a little time, a lot of patience. thank you. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ >> we have seen just about enough of that. that is the world premiere of the harlem shake "today" show edition, recorded with obviously no concern for embarrassment a short time ago. and we'll tell you more about that dance craze that apparently is sweeping the nation. at least that's what they tell us. >> but we just put the brakes on it. >> exactly. >> back now at 8:00 on a wednesday morning, the 13th day of february, 2013. i'm matt lauer, with al roker here in new york. check out who is in the nation's capital. savannah, you are part of that. how do you feel? >> exactly. i feel humiliated, mortified. >> join the club. >> i enjoyed the slow mo because we could really analyze your dance moves, matt and al, and they are empe
8:00 am
they are impeccable. >> right. we'll have more later on that. natalie's turn for her psa. she brought along zara, her favorite member of the family, coming up next. we have steve harvey, author. with great advice on this valenti valentine's day. my mother. my mother. >> hi, son. >> that's even more disturbing than the harlem shake. >> we'll talk to steve in a couple of minutes. this coming friday, it is a friday field trip. savannah and i will head to boston, massachusetts, for a field trip. we will be broadcasting live, everything from quincy market to lobster market and everything in betwe between if you're in the area,
8:01 am
come check us out. keep tweeting us your photos of boston using the #todayinboston. we'll see you at the end of the week. >> very cool. >> right now, let's head inside. natalie has a check of all the headlines. natalie? >> good morning, matt and al. good morning, everyone. sources tell nbc news the body found overnight in a burned-out mountain cabin in southern california is that of christopher dorner, suspected of killing four people, including two police officers. they believe dorner barricaded himself inside the cabin tuesday. promoting job creation and other economic proposals outlined in last night's state of the union address. today he visits an auto parts plant in asheville, north carolina. florida senator marco rubio said the president is wrong to believe that more taxes and government spending are the best ways to help the middle class.
8:02 am
and some major economic news right here at nbc, our parent company, comcast, has made a $16.7 billion deal to buyout general electric's 49% stake in nbc universal. comcast took on a majority stake in the company back in 2011. terrifying moment in the sky as jonathan fielding took his wife for her first flight ever in a small plane over snowy utah with their 7-month-old son on board, but at nearly 9,000 feet in the air, the pilot announced that part of the engine had frozen over and they need to emergency land. they found a flat field and took their chances. >> all right. we're going to land in the field right here. is everybody okay? >> as you see, the plane did land upside down there, but no one was injured. fortunately, they all walked away from that wreckage
8:03 am
unharmed. still very scary to see that. lady gaga says she's unable to walk because of joint inflammati inflammation, beginning with four shows beginning tonight in chicago. she said she had been hiding an injury but it got worst the past month. after trading his ron burgundy jacket for security guard's red blazer at a los angeles lakers game, and the stern-faced farrell, taking his job very seriously, even escorting shaquille o'neal from the center. mock news conference online, going on strike to raise awareness for the billions of people worldwide who do not have access to clean water and toilet facilities. >> in protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved and until everybody has access to clean water and
8:04 am
sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. >> um, what? >> damon is the founder of and urged supporters to join his strike with me campaign, leading up to world water day next month. and somebody was blushing after this slip-up during the weather forecast for valentine's day in washington state. >> on the weekend so far so good, should be dry, but in the 40s. it was slow and sleddy. sleddy? steady. >> we knew what you meant. >> better than the usual cold front, right? let's go back outside to al. we've been known for our little slip-ups. >> i've been doing it wrong all this time. friends waving, getting ready for valentine's day. pick city of the day, atlantic city, wmjm, where local weather
8:05 am
comes first. making their way through northern florida, southern georgia. some of these could be severe at times, looking for up to an inch to two inches between gainesville and tallahassee. light snow making its way through the northeast later this evening. snow back through the plains. beautiful day down in l.a. sunny skies, 69 degrees. 51 in denver. look for a gorgeous day in dallas. sunny skies and temperature at 59 degrees. 8:06 on a wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is san rafael. we do have a thin marine layer hanging out. but i do want to point out even with that layer of haze that you will notice throughout the day, we have a good air quality day. temperatures are unseasonably warm. 66 in napa today. right around 61 degrees in san francisco. even warmer all the way through friday. and then saturday into sunday we drop off just a touch. >> that's your latest weather.
8:06 am
mr. lauer? much. when we come back, we'll tell you what the dance craze, known as the harlem shake, that they're not doing right now, is all about. and natalie's psa, proving that dog can be woman's best friend. and biggest loser trainer jillian michaels on how to avoid diet pitfalls. first these messages. i have lost 101 lbs on weight watchers online. i just got started and i'm like "hey, that first 20 came off, well it wasn't too hard at all." i love breads. you can still eat bread.
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8:10 am
move over, psy and carly rae. a new dance craze has take n ovr the internet. it is the harlem shake. >> that's right, savannah. 12,000 posts for a combined 44 million hits, there seems to be no stopping this dance sensation. first everyone was asking you to call them maybe ♪ so call me maybe then it was all about their gangnam style. now it's time for the harlem shake. it's the latest musical movement sweeping the web. how does it work? for the first 15 seconds it begins with one person usually wearing a helmet or mask dancing crazy to this catchy beat while everyone around them minds their own business. then, seemingly out of nowhere, a massive dance party breaks out. everyone doing the harlem shake.
8:11 am
>> it's definitely getting the momentum of the youtube superstars, which are the "call me maybe" parodies and "gangnam style" parody. it's not a parody trend necessarily as much as it is a bunch of people making their own versions of this video. >> in the last few days, harlem shake videos posted by families. soldiers, our friends, ryan seacrest and jimmy fallon with his late-night crew and even snoopy and the peanuts gang. just the latest craze in a culture of videos gone viral. so raise your hand if you had heard about this before yesterday when they -- >> no. >> no. >> when they dragged us all -- no, savannah? >> we did it in trend iing.
8:12 am
nobody listens. we did it like monday in trending. >> savannah, have you browsed the internet a little bit and seen the versions out there? >> i have done a lot of extensive internet research just to prepare for this segment and to think about what i wanted to bring to the harlem shake. yeah, i love it. it's great. it's very catchy. >> it is catchy. really, the most important -- there's the peanuts version. >> my favorite one right there. >> the most important role that can be played is that of the instigator. >> yes. >> that's where we caught you at, mr. geist. >> also gets to wear identity-concealing head gear, which is why i volunteered. >> we just thought you were creepy. >> 7'3" guy dancing. >> why did you take your jacket off? >> why did a take my jacket off? >> look at savannah, even though she's miles away, not too bad. >> look at roker.
8:13 am
this is the best part. wait. watch. right here. right here. you do the real shake. >> every time a bell rings, i put them on. >> meanwhile, there's one version of the harlem shake that i think is the best one out there. ready to see that one? this one is called the last harlem shake. ♪ >> i was waiting for it. >> there's always some guy who senses when -- >> it's over. we ended it. >> we almost did that to you. >> i wish you had. >> nice. savannah, we'll check with you in a couple of minutes. meanwhile, up next, natalie goes to the dogs for her psa. we'll see that right after this.
8:14 am
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small and humble with a surprising secret to share... sweetness. truvia sweetener. zero-calorie sweetness, born from the stevia leaf. from nature, for sweetness. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. wae are back now at 8:18. >> we teamed up with the ad council who have been bringing us psas for 70 years. natalie brings us her ad today.
8:17 am
>> what was my cause? you're look iing at my reason. i was so attached, i brought zara home with me. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:18 am
♪ >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> nice to meet you all. not the mad men-esque room i was picturing. where's the alcohol? the first step is to zero in on a memorable concept. >> we want to re-create that moment the two of you met on the show. best friends know about each other that the regular world doesot know, dog day. >> the psa will star the two of us called i know. it's about all the embarrassing dirt zara has on me as a member of my inner circle. >> i know her real hair color. >> i know she abides by the
8:19 am
five-second rule. >> maybe she knows you snore. >> i don't snore. >> that's what we have. >> let's go for it. i love it. >> we're rolling. >> shhh, shhh. this is all about you, zara. it's your day today, girl. >> roll camera. action. >> today, we put zara to the test, the poor thing. i think i'm more nervous for zara than i would be having my own kids do something like this. with kids at least you can reason, you can bribe them. with a dog, the food only goes so far. >> the fact that zara doesn't have an acting background could make some people nervous but then we like to think she's also playing the role of a dog. >> and action, natalie. >> to her mama, zara's perfect, but hollywood's a whole different beat. >> oh, no. let's cut.
8:20 am
>> we'll restart. >> a ten-hour commercial shoot usually requires doggy stunt doubles. to help, the animal trainer keeps a few tricks and meatballs up his sleeve. >> leave it. >> i guess there are just some things you can't teach an old dog. and, dare i say, we're noticing a touch of zara's inner doggy diva. >> she's actually kind of rude. she takes the whole treat and walks away. >> i've never heard a thank you or much of an acknowledgement. >> asking me to cut the fat off the prosciutto, a little much. i mean, come on. good girl. in the end, it's as if zara has been ready for her close-up her whole life. she truly is my best friend, my buddy, my little shadow. i hope after people watch this they're inspired like i was to find a new love, a new member of their family in their life. >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for a great day.
8:21 am
that's a wrap. natalie morales, applause. applause for zara. >> good job. oh, you did it, girl. you did it. so proud of you. so how did my little zara do in her first commercial appearance? let's take a look. >> live with a human for a while and you get to know a few things. like i know she's actually not a morning person. i know she does strange tricks for no treats. i know that water makes her howl like crazy. i even know how the floors stay so clean. she's quick. but one thing i will never, for the life of me know, how she gets so tiny and inside of that box. natalie, how do you get so tiny? >> that's cute. >> very cute. >> she's good. she's the star. >> amazing. such a great dog. >> she's a scene stealer. >> she is.
8:22 am
she has made such a huge impact on our lives. she's a great girl. can you guess the celebrity voice? >> jenna elf? >> good one. good job, al. 1600 penn, yeah. >> wow! >> that would have taken days for me. that's really good. >> al, you're more than just a dancer. you're some kind of psychic. >> i was inspired by natalie. we adopted a rescue pet. >> that's right. i hope more and more people -- >> made such a difference. >> how long ago did you get zara? >> i think a year and a half ago now. she is a member of the family, for sure. >> and you say that she's your best friend. i imagine the kids go crazy with her. >> oh, my gosh, she plays hide and seek with them. it's play time in our house every night. >> natalie, i remember the day that zara came on our hour and you were besoted. you were like calling your husband, i'm bringing her home. >> i had to have her. i just had to. and now you know why. because we are wee all love her so much.
8:23 am
>> the idea behind it, great thing to do, go out and adopt a pet. natalie, thank you so much. >> sure thing. and we're back right after your local news.
8:24 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a frightening discovery. the chp showed up at a home on humboldt drive to serve a search warrant. homeowner wasn't home and when officers went inside they found chemicals this could be used to make explosives.
8:25 am
the bomb team dug a hole in the front yard and detonated the material. they'll be back today to make sure they got everything. the person living in the home was arrested in sunnyvale. let's check the roadways. how are we looking now? >> things are very heavy right now. at the bay bridge toll plaza very congested. on the east bay, traffic maps from hayward down towards free mont on 880 southbound very slow going there. even in the south bay an accident occurred a few minutes ago on 680 at 101. two accidents one off of 101 and story on the northbound side and also take you outside to show you what it look like. there's the other accident right at the 680 connector and the 101. that's the area we're concerned about. otherwise things continue to slow down at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> a little bit of a crawl out there. thank you, anthony. we'll have another local news update in a half hour.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
we're back now 8:30 on a
8:29 am
wednesday morning, 13th day of february, 2013. bright, sunny day at the moment here in new york city. but mr. roker tells us a storm may be brewing. >> not a big storm. little storm. >> little something. >> little something something. >> little something something. >> all right. out on the plaza i'm matt lauer along with al roker and natalie morales. coming up, we've got more of our exclusive interview with speaker of the house of representatives, speaker john boehner. in this interview i think you'll see a side of him that you don't often get to see as he tries to share a sense of inspiration and hope with some young children. all right. and then steve harvey is here. we just love him. he is here with perfect timing because of valentine's day tomorrow. he will answer some questions from our crowd on romance and how to keep things alive. all right. "the biggest loser" trainer, jillian michaels, is here. she has a new book out. and she is going to share what she wants you to do to help you lose your weight, to crush those pitfalls and the traps that you
8:30 am
might fall into. >> crush. >> crush. >> she can crush. >> oh, yeah. >> nobody does it like jillian. >> snap my neck like a bug. >> before we get to that, whoa all want to see that, let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. starting off with today, a little wet weather making its way through the midatlantic states, risk of strong storms, northern florida, southern georgia. wet weather along the northwest coast. then for tomorrow, we have some more snow showers moving across the great lakes, frigid conditions. we'll be looking at cold air moving through the east over the weekend. more showers hanging around the 8:32 on a wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. this is san jose. a little bit of haze here but still in the good air quality range. temperatures warmer today than yesterday. we're not done climbing just yesterday. 67 on the way for gilroy. 63 in redwood city.
8:31 am
right around 62 degrees in downtown san francisco. getting into thursday and friday, temperatures continue to climb. we'll hit the 70s by friday. then a touch cooler saturday to nicholas chase, take a look. happy birthday to you. 100 years old today. he loves to play the piano. friends come over and sing songs like "nobody can love me like my old tomato can." remember that song? inez, you're beautiful, giles, st. louis, missouri. 104 years old today and a fancy dresser. when she walks down the street, everybody turns her head because she is nothing but gorgeous. take a look. this happens about twice a year on my show. cleo & clifford, we are so
8:32 am
happy. twins and they are celebrating their 100th birthday. hawthorne boys they call them. cleo says a glafs milk every day will keep you healthy and happy. and clifford still farms. can't beat that. minnie siegel. there's a beautiful woman. loves playing canasta with her friends and has a good time in her life. alfred wright, cincinnati, ohio. one of the great towns in america. 103. he is known as bud. everybody calls him bud because he's everybody's buddy. you can't beat that. ina cook, clemmons, north carolina. they have cookies that are delicious. 108 years old today. loves western movies. watches them all. take a look at pauline fromkin,
8:33 am
long branch, new jersey. cocktail every night keeps you happy. let's go back to happiville, new york, with the gang. >> willard, thank you very much. when we come back, jillian michaels on how you can be slim for life. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
8:35 am
>> announcer: "today's" health is brought to you by aleve. two pills, all day strong, all day long. back now at 8:37 with "today's" health. biggest loser fitness expert jillian michaels has spent more than 20 years helping people reach their target weight. she started when she was 5. she's at it again with her new book, sl"slim for life: my secrs
8:36 am
to" what do you want people to come away with? >> it's no nonsense, cut to the chase. lose the weight and keep it off. >> the book is interactive. at the end of each chapter you have a points system? >> the idea is that nothi everything is going to work for everybody mentally and physically. there's all these different strategies. you check the ones that you feel you can apply in your life and then i'll say, look, this one has more impact than that one. you kind of add it up. at the end i tell you where you're at and what you can do to make improvements or accelerate your results. >> so you can tailor it to yourself? >> exactly. >> the chapter titled "evading pitfalls" how to evade hunger. you have four tips in each section. let's start off. think it through. >> right. so, think it through. now, when you're going to eat something bad for you, stop and go from an impulsive state of i want this now, i need the comfort to how am i going to feel after i've eaten it? how am i going to feel when i get on the scale next nday?
8:37 am
how am i going to feel a month from now when i'm five pounds up? it shifts you to a place of logic and better understanding. >> cravings, so difficult. you say play a zero sum game. what do you mean by that? >> again, stop and think these fries are 500 calories. that's an hour on the treadmill. my favorite cravings trick, have three bites. go do something to make yourself busy, if it doesn't pass in 15 minutes, have another three bites. >> after the first three it plateaus. >> you get mindless about it. walk away. tell yourself if i want more, i'll have more. engage in something else. it usually will pass. >> get busy. >> occupy yourself. put the kids to bed, get ready for work the next day and ultimately you'll forget about it. it will pass. >> managing stress, probably one
8:38 am
of the most underrated aspects of weight loss, which is a little hard for us doing this business, this show, is getting enough sleep. >> sleep is so critical from a biochemical perspective, with regard to your metabolism. sleep is the number one thing you can do that is not fitness or diet related for weight management. >> what foods help you manage stress? >> foods with a lot of b vitamins. that's going to be fantastic. you're thinking chicken breast, some grass-fed steak or take a b supplement, b complex that's going to help you stay mellow. >> get horizontal. >> okay. i hate talking about this publicly, but get busy with your significant other. >> ahh. >> and it's great for your state of mind and your biochemistry. >> your biochemistry? >> yeah, and an average effort. >> i don't think i've ever seen you -- >> i hate talking about it. >> this is great.
8:39 am
>> i hate talking about this. but it's really good. >> are you having -- >> get your groove on. it's valentine's day. average effort burns a couple hundred calories. >> why did you look at me when you say average effort? >> no! you're an animal! i'm dying. get me out of this, please. >> parents. you know, the kids -- look, they're everything to you. but you say one of the ways to make your workouts work is to fit in working out with your kids. >> exactly. if you have little ones, put them in a bike seat and go for a bike ride. put them in a carrier, go for a hi hike. walk the dogs with your kids f they're older, shoot hoops with them. take skiing lessons with them. play with them. get active. >> which helps them. >> tremendously, showing them that fitness is fun. >> mommy's a little sleepy right now. >> mommy woke up at 5:00.
8:40 am
so mommy as you know raveling a little. thanks for pointing that out. >> i know you got a little proclemt there. >> thanks, al. speaker boehner
8:41 am
8:42 am
back now at 8:44 and mover our exclusive interview with speaker john boehner. he can invite anyone he wants to, to watch the state of the union address. he reserves the seats for inner city students. fourth graders lacy joseph and zuri franklin from st. anthony's catholic school.
8:43 am
i asked speaker boehner what he wanted those kids to take away from the experience. >> i want them to believe that they can live the american dream and grow up and be anything they want to be. my involvement with these 800 kids at four little schools that i support is to try to expose them to the fact that they can grow up and be anything they want to be. matt, you and i, we both live the american dream. i'm here to make sure that dream is available for my kids and your kids. >> they're your guests. could you blame them, though, if they're not a little mesmerized by barack obama tonight? >> oh, i'm sure they will be. >> the nation's first african-american president? >> i'm sure they will be. >> is he, in your mind, the most inspirational african-american living right now? >> i think so. >> is that how you think these kids will feel when they watch? >> i would think so. >> while they'll see the nation's first african-american president, they may see a smaller number of faces of color
8:44 am
than they might expect. two in the senate, two in the house. one on the supreme court. if they were to turn to you and ask you, mr. speaker, why -- although they won't be sitting with you, but if they were to ask you, why so many white faces, why not more african-americans, how would you answer that question? >> i would go back over the 22 years i've been here and guess the number of other faces in the congress has more than doubled. our society is making progress. our society will continue to make progress. >> they're also going to sit in some moments tonight -- the president is going to say something, they're going to look down and half the room is going to clap and half the room is going to sit silent. and it might bring the question up, if they turn to you and say, mr. speaker, what is the difference between republicans and democrats? how would you answer that question? >> my democrat colleagues, god bless them, have all this faith and confidence in government. i have more faith and confidence in people w, and want to do mor to empower people to help
8:45 am
themselves and be whatever they want to be. >> do you think speaker boehner and the president are friends? >> yes. >> you do? >> yes, but they have a difference because president barack obama is a democrat and speaker boehner is a republican. >> so tonight you're going to be sitting there, the most important people in the country will be in that room. the president, members of congress, the house, the senate, the supreme court justices are all going to be there and so will be lacy and zuri. i'm looking at you smile. do you think that's something you'll end up telling your kids about? >> probably because i've been hearing that children aren't allowed to go to the state of the union and i will -- i will tell my children because it's a special movement moment. i got invited by speaker boehner. >> might this be that pivotal moment for these two students? i think back to that picture of
8:46 am
a young bill clinton shaking the hand of john kennedy, and it changed his life. >> right. >> could a moment like tonight or an hour like tonight change the lives of these young students? >> you never know, but if you give them an opportunity, they might get a big idea. they might follow their dream. >> speak er of the house, john boehner. up next, steve harvey helps spice up your relationship. that comes just in time for valentine's day. we'll talk to steve in a moment.
8:47 am
8:48 am
val entine's day is tomorro. if you need a little help in the romance department, we've got the guy for the job. celebrating love all week on his talk show and sharing very personal details. when i'm with my wife and it gets real sexy, i apply -- i apply the baby oil with my lips. whoo! everybody say baby oil. >> where is the line, huh? where is the line? steve harvey. >> pretty safe for daytime. >> that's not too bad, right is this. >> i'm making the adjustments for daytime tv. i always thought i was going to be a nighttime guy. >> you have a knack for this.
8:49 am
by the way, apologies. we were going to be with you last week in chicago and the weather kind of kept us here. >> that's okay. >> but i watch you and i love the fact there's this great combination, a lot of humor on the show. >> yeah. >> every once in a while you share something deeply personal. is it hard? >> well, i mean, not really. you know, people think that comedians are these guys that are on 24/7. and that's not true. i'm on when i'm on. but when i'm off, i'm a guy like everybody else. i have a wife. i have a family that comes with some drama and i've got to go home and deal with it. and i can't laugh at everything. >> when you deal with it and when you share experiences from your own life, i think you and your wife combined, seven kids, is that right? >> yeah. >> do you ever go home and do they ever say dad or your wife ever say, steve, take it on the other side of the line, maybe don't share so much? >> the kids say that all the time. but then i remind kids that they go to the mall and they shop and since you're not going to write any jokes you're going to have to at least be one of the jokes.
8:50 am
>> how do they usually take that news? >> i don't care how they take that. they're eating and they have a roof over their head so you have to help dad out a little bit. >> there was a moment on the show, i think it was your birthday, actually, and you were surprised on the show by some special guests. you're rolling your eyes, but this is real steve harvey. just set it up for me, okay? >> well, it was my birthday. they surprised me. there was a guy that helped me out when i was really, really down and out. man, i had nothing. this guy took me up in cleveland at a furniture store. >> i called you to wish you happy birthday and called to ask you one question. do you still love me baby? >> and you really got broken up by this. >> yeah. >> just took you back? took you back to a different place or was it just this emotional connection with that guy? >> you know, it was -- it was this guy, you know, who i
8:51 am
remember -- who i have been looking for for a long time. >> you tried to get in touch with him? >> the last time i saw him, he had black hair. when he first came on the screen, i almost didn't recognize him. and he was -- him and his wife helped me out so much. i mean, you know, man, look. people give me free dinners now, walk in a restaurant, i get the best table. but, i mean, man, when -- i don't need that. when i needed it, no one helped me, but this guy right here. >> it was such a real moment and that is, i think, what is the formula for success especially on a daytime afternoon talk show, with someone who can be real like that. i thought it was great. let's do this. it's love week, as we mentioned, on your show and everywhere. >> all week long. >> valentine's day tomorrow. some people out on the plaza, steve, and since you are the master of love, they would like some advice. debbie from queens, do you have a question for steve? >> yes, i do. steve, i wanted to know on
8:52 am
valentine's day the focus is usually on being the sweetheart being the woman. what do you think the best gift would be for a man? >> the best gift for a man? >> yeah. >> and the best way to spend valentine's day. >> well, there's one sure gift that we all like. >> careful. careful. >> as long as you're willing to participate in that, we're pretty much happy. but it's a woman's day. enjoy being, you know, indulged and taken care of and caressed. it's a woman's day. all you've got to do at the end of the day is just be there. and we pretty much take it from there. >> sounds great. >> debbie, thanks for your question. steve, we've got derek from portland, new york, i believe, actually. what's your question for steve? >> steve, my question is, i'm in a new relationship. started dating around christmas and i'm wondering what i can do to keep the relationship strong and healthy.
8:53 am
>> you just started dating at christmas? >> yeah. >> you already need to keep it strong and healthy? >> well, i would like to. >> probably should be at its absolute hottest right now. >> it is. >> it's probably smoking right now. just hold it steady right there. just hold it steady right there. any more and you'll lose your mind. trust me when i tell you this. go and drop off a little bit, that's when you call me. right now, two months in, doing real good. real good. >> awesome. thank you. >> derek, thank you. thank you very much. >> next -- >> how to keep it hot for two months. what? >> two-month relationship. now pam and scott, 27 years of marriage under their belt and they've got a question for you. go ahead, guys. >> hi. we want to know how we can keep our second 20 years strong or even my parents have been married 65 years. how do they keep going strong? >> well, i say this to all guys. just remember there's an old
8:54 am
song out there. the same thing it took to get your baby hooked, it's going to take the same thing to keep 'em. if you survived 20 years, you're approaching a record for most marriages. so just do whatever you've been doing and stay fresh. just keep it sexy. see that little hat you got on right there? work it into the nighttime festivities. yeah. >> thank you for your question. let's stop right there, steve. check your local listings. he is going to co-host our 8:00 and 9:00 hours on monday. we look forward to that. we're back after your local news. you're watching "today in the bay."
8:55 am
>> it is 8:56. good morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. barry bonds back in san francisco in a federal court. a three-judge panel hearing arguments on an appeal filed by bonds' lawyers. nearly two years ago he was convicted of obstructing justice for giving misleading testimony to a federal grand jury during that balco steroids investigation. we'll keep you posted on that. right now what's happening in the skies. christina loren, beautiful. >> it's going to be so nice. good morning to you. temperatures today. not even the warmest we're expecting. but we'll hit about 66 degrees inland. 61 degrees taking you to the end of the week. we peak on friday at 70. comfortable for valentine's day.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, february 13th, 2013. inside studio 1a, i'm willy goois along with al roker and natalie morales. >> go ahead. >> pink sings this song, not me.
8:59 am
>> and we've got with us, as you can see, foot network superstar sunny anderson. >> superstar? >> yeah. and by the way, she's already won us over because there's bacon apnd you brought us some bacon. >> you've got to like a pig. >> is it true that bacon can go with anything? >> pretty much, sure. >> bacon and chocolate cake. >> why not. >> what doesn't go with bacon? >> bacon and chocolate. >> sure. >> so we're going to have a little bacon breakfast coming up. >> i'm all for that. >> we begin take three with the state of the union last night. president obama gave his annual address up before congress. he talked about jobs, he talked about immigration, he talked about gun control. >> he gave out bacon. >> he should have given out bacon. that's how you win over the republicans. so he gives his address. when you get beyond the substance and the policy is the response from senator marco rubio of florida.
9:00 am
giving a 10-minute address talking about high taxes, speaking in both english and spanish and then he did this. >> the water grab. slow motion now for the water grab. >> the love it. >> couldn't they put the water a little bit closer to him? >> that was during the live address. listen, we've been there. you get something in your throat, you need a little water. i think it was the way he did it. he kind of made a dive for it. >> you wonder if he could have said excuse me and then i need a sip of water.3 c1 >> i have a tip for him. i have to give him some tips. a long time ago i heard from someone who does a lot of public speaking that having a banana before you go on moistens your mouth. i don't know -- >> is that true? >> i don't know. ever since i heard it, i try it. i don't know if it's the placebo
9:01 am
effect, but it actually works. >> interesting for like hours, i can still -- my mouth is still salivating. >> is that true? >> so banana. >> sometimes if you have too much, you know, saliva in your mouth, then you have to swallow and you're like, well, it takes a second. excuse me. >> i've got some water over here. >> this is working out well. >> next year republican response, go with the banana beforehand. >> go with bananas. >> or put the water right in front of him on a little table. >> or get one of those little chughead things with the two poland springs. >> a camelback on the back. >> marco rubio, a bright young star in the republican party. >> meanwhile, a free ad for poland springs. >> good sense of humor. >> there it is. let's check out our take two, keeping with the theme of water. matt damon raising water awareness. he's declaring in a video that he's going to hold off from using the bathroom. we'll explain this after you
9:02 am
watch. >> until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, i will not go to the bathroom. yes. >> um, what? >> i'm not going to the bathroom. >> whoa. >> yeah, go ahead. >> do you mean literally, like you won't go to the bathroom but you'll go somewhere else, like maybe a swimming pool? >> you're the reporter. you do the math. >> i don't know what that means. >> i just have a quick follow-up here. >> so damon is one of the co-founders of it's a nonprofit that gives access to safe water and sanitation in africa, south asia, central america. he said in that spot right there that toilets have saved more lives than any other invention. but this is kind of the way you have to grab people's attention. we are showing it now and now everybody knows what is. he's got a knack for this. >> yeah. i kind of like the idea of
9:03 am
someone understanding that they have a position where they can bring attention to something and why not use it. i just -- i don't understand how he's going to get away with the no number one. maybe the no number two. but that number one is really difficult. >> i think they'll find ways around it. >> i try not to think about it. >> yeah, yeah. >> just think about the clean water. all right, our take three. tomorrow is valentine's day. special plans, especially if you live here in the new york area, because across the river in brooklyn, you can spend your valentine's day touring the newtown creek sewage plant. >> on valentine's day? >> on valentine's day. now, before you left -- >> those look like bottles of water. >> this tour was so popular that they had to add a third. there's a 9:30 and a 1:00. they had to add in a 11:00 a.m. apparently if you go up to the top there, there are great views of new york city. in some way it becomes romantic, although the smell they say does get in the way of romance. a little bit.
9:04 am
>> i say go to sunset park, brooklyn. sit outside, beautiful view of the city. >> so many places to go to get a beautiful view. >> free tours, i'm telling you. and you get a free hershey's kiss. >> are you going? >> i hadn't planned on it. >> what have you got planned for valentine's day? >> you know what we're going to do? we're just going to do a family thing. we make it a family day. take the kids out to dinner. >> valentine's day is one of these hallmark holidays. every day should be about doing something together. so, yeah, we're probably just having dinner at home with the kids. >> do you have traditions, al, valentine's day? >> no, not really. we exchange cards, all the kids and debra and i. >> you make some diy stuff? >> no, i'm not that crafty. >> no? you make pillows for debra. >> no. don't make pillows, don't make soap, don't make candles. that's why they have stores. >> sunny? >> i'm going to hang out with my cat. a little wet/dry food mix to
9:05 am
show him i really love him. >> so sweet. >> i don't know. i'm going to ask maybe they don't walk on anything black in the house for a day, treat me like i'm special. i have no idea. nothing special. i'm a cat lady. okay. what can i say. >> really? >> i am. >> let's liven this up with some bacon. >> let's do it! >> i want to show you guys my breakfast. >> okay. >> so this is -- >> oh, bananas. >> yes. this is what i do every day. i call it obviously the breakfast of champs. wow! >> you start with the basic oatmeal, right? >> yes. so you start with the oatmeal. give that a stir. the reason i like this, i can put this in a bowl and walk around with it. you know, i don't have to like cut into it or anything like that. so what you do is if you're doing it right, you've got so much additives in it, that it's almost as if you don't have the oatmeal. it's kind of like would you like some bananas with your oatmeal? do you know what i mean? and then some walnuts. i like to toast them. if you toast them right, they make this cool sound when you
9:06 am
drop them into the oatmeal. a little bit of brown sugar. make it sweet. pass that down, get some cranberrie cranberries. >> i tweeted a couple of weeks ago the picture of my breakfast and everybody tweeted me what's the bacon doing in the bowl? first of all, this is all going in the same place. >> you don't need a side of bacon. >> and the perfect thing about this is -- >> look at willie's. >> you know the way to my heart. >> you're going to get all the bacon. >> you get some nutrition, you get your protein, you've got your grains from your oats. you've got some bananas so you've got your full serving of fruit in there for breakfast. >> it's savory. >> sweet, salty, texture, love it. >> anything with bacon is a winner with me. >> i know. i can't believe you got all the bacon, willie. s >> sunny, you stick around with us. there will be more bacon. in the meantime natalie has a look at the headlines. >> i'll let you guys come on
9:07 am
back now so i can read. all right. in the news this morning, a former -- sunny makes her way over. a former los angeles police officer's ten-day reign of terror is apparently over this morning. on tuesday, authorities trapped christopher dorner inside a remote cabin in big bear lake. there were gunshots, tear gas and later a fire that burned the building to the ground as a single gunshot rang out from inside. forensic tests are being done, but sources tell nbc news that a body found inside is dorner, who police say is responsible for killing four people. on this ash wednesday, pope benedict is celebrating what is scheduled to be his last public mass. earlier this morning he told an audience that he is stepping down for the good of the church, saying he did not have enough strength to continue. he asked for people to pray for him, for the church and for the future pope. a conclave to select his successor will start next month. conditions appear to be getting worse on board that carnival cruise ship triumph after a fire left the ship
9:08 am
adrift without power in the gulf of mexico. passengers are complaining about filthy hot conditions and trouble getting food. the ship is being towed to mobile, alabama, where it's expected to arrive tomorrow. carnival says it is trying to make the passengers as comfortable as possible. a new report by the national hurricane center estimates the total cost of damage caused by superstorm sandy to be around $50 billion. that's greater than any u.s. hurricane, except katrina in 2005. the report also blames 72 deaths directly on sandy, making it the deadliest hurricane to strike the northeast in four decades. we are mourning the loss of veteran nbc news foreign correspondent tom aspell. he died monday after a two-year battle with lung cancer. aspell spent 28 years with nbc covering world-changing events, including the fall of saddam hussein and the war in afghanistan. he displayed what brian williams called an intense brand of cool under fire. tom aspell was 62 years old and all of us who worked with him
9:09 am
remember him so well and loved him dearly. it was a ride to remember for a pregnant woman heading to the hospital a few days ago in connecticut. with three feet of snow on the ground from that blizzard and lori wood about to give birth, five neighbors fashioned a car luggage carrier into a sled. they then dragged her a thousand yards until they found a plowed road and a car that could get her to the hospital. and she gave birth to this beautiful little baby boy, jimmy, about an hour later. that's an adventure into the world. more baby news also this morning. alec baldwin and his wife are expecting their first child together. hilaria baldwin, a special correspondent for extra, is due to give birth late this summer. it is 11 minutes after the hour. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> got a lot of nice friends here. you love today, we love that you love that. where are you from? >> dallas. >> what's your name? >> dina silverman. >> you're certainly dressed for the occasion. >> thank you. >> let's check your weather. see what we've got going on for
9:10 am
you right now. hey, we've got an unsettled east coast. main threat down in the southeast for some winds, a couple of isolated tornados. winter weather advisories from west virginia into eastern long island. you can see some of that frozen precip up through indiana moving into southern ohio. heavier showers and thunderstorms in southern florida -- make that northern florida. we're basically looking at a half an inch to an inch of rain. as we get into the northeast, heavier snow in the mountains of west virginia. locally about 4 inches of snow possible eastern long island and 9:12 on a foggy wednesday in san francisco. this fog is going to burn off in just about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. we'll see a nice sunny day. already enjoying that here in san jose. 46 degrees in san jose, 48 in oakland. look at where we head as you break for lunch today. upper 50s, a couple of low 6 by noon. then round out the day 67 in
9:11 am
gilroy, 67 in livermore. 63 in redwood city. r latest er for valentine's day. weather. willie? >> al, come on back inside for more oatmeal and bacon. up next, jill's steals and deals after this. i'm here with daphne oz, a model of healthy habits. so daphene, do you eat activia. i do it's always in my fridge. and you know activia isn't just for minor digestive issues. exactly, it's also important for my overall well being because it helps regulate my digestive system. and when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside! whether at work, with friends, on a special night, or just enjoying an activia. shine from the inside out with activia. ♪ dannon go olive garden's three course italian dinner, just $12.95. choose one of five new entrees like parmesan potato crusted chicken. plus soup or salad and finish with dessert. 3 courses, just $12.95!
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quaker up. on jill's steals and deals, exclusive bargains for "today" viewers. "today" contributor and contributing editor for people style watch, jill martin is back to take us through incredible offers. good morning. >> good morning. >> great ideas for valentine's day. going to get there a little bit
9:15 am
late. let's get started. >> it's always nice to buy yourself a gift. everyone loves a deal. everything has been selling out so quickly. >> let's start then. >> beautiful wraps by portolano. >> we see our little ladies are modeling them right now wrapped all different ways, $120, made of 100% lamb's wool. you see the fringe edges, beautiful. choice of seven colors. one size fits all. you dry clean only i want to say before you buy it. retail $120. the deal $36. that's 70% off. >> these are great. they're so big they could even be a throw if you want. >> and just a great gift also if you want to load up on those. skin essentials three-piece system from pure attitude. tell us about that. >> really rich feeling. i have to open this up for you so that you can feel it. retail is $144. it's a three-piece system that includes full-sized six weeks supply, probably last you longer, purifying rice face wash, moisturizer and multieffects i cream,
9:16 am
dermatologist tested and approved. retail $144. $34.50, that's 76% off. >> i love this. it's a gel moisturizing cream, which is nice for your face because then if you're oily or prone to breakouts, that's good. >> they look good. i always like the way they look when they're sitting in your bathroom. >> great packaging. >> yeah. >> we've got gift cards from which means how many different kinds of restaurants you can use them for, right? >> over 18,000 restaurants to check out nationwide. retail for this is $300. you go online, print out this $300 voucher or different denominations. you don't have to do it all at once. go to these 18,000 restaurants. you have to check each one to see what the limits are, is alcohol included and tip is not included. 25, 100, 50. you can give them as gifts. print them out. each purchase, a portion of it will go to the american cancer society. >> oh, great.
9:17 am
>> this is really, really nice. so the retail, you spend $300 is what you get. the deal is $40. >> wow! >> $300 worth. 87% off. this is a great deal. one per customer. know that when you go on. this is major. sunny is eyeing this one. >> oh, yeah. okay. >> over here now, this is another major deal. this is a first for us, too. great delonghi espresso maker. >> retail $250. number one brand in the world for espresso maker. single serve system, cappuccino, ice drink, lattes. you see the 12 little pods down there. retail is $250. the deal is $75. that's 70% off. this is great for entertaining and also if you don't want to make a full pot if it's just you. everybody can sort of pick their
9:18 am
flavor. i like the way it looks. >> up in my office, this would be great. little espresso, cappuccino. >> last, but not least little beautiful monogrammed necklaces. >> i love how beautiful these are. >> by golden thread. >> personalized 14 karat gold. on a 30" chain. it's a little bit longer. can choose one or three initials. been featured in people and people style watch and handmade in the u.s. retail $155. the deal $47, 70% off. another great gift post valentine's day because every day should be valentine's day. >> no reason you can't get it for yourself. >> i love that. >> jill martin, thank you. again, let's remind you what the products are. wrap from portolano, skin essentials kit from pur attitude, gift cards, delonghi espresso order and the monogrammed necklace
9:19 am
from golden thread. still ahead, spring style trends coming up after these messages. what mak es your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. mmmm, ok! ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm! breakfast i'm very impressed. this is a great cereal! honey bunches of oats. i hear you crunching.
9:20 am
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9:24 am
it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar. you're watching "today in the bay". >> time now is 9:26. good morning i'm jon kelley. two people hurt after an early morning crash on southbound highway 101 that is near 280. the chp there says a red mustang slammed right into a wall, then a taxi slammed right into that mustang. two lanes were closed for about
9:25 am
an hour. we're happy to report that everybody is expected to recover. a refrigerator leaking ammonia shutting down the sara lee plant in san lorenz overnight. that building was evacuated. nobody was injured. that plant should be open for business as usual today. lawyers for barry bonds arriving to federal court early this morning. the former giants player asking the 9th circuit court to overturn his obstruction of justice conviction. bonds was convicted of that charge after giving what the court decided was evasive testimony during a grand jury investigation of balco, that is the bay area lab at the center of a major league baseball steroids scandal. for the record, bonds was never convicted of using steroids. we'll have a look at weather and local traffic after this break.
9:26 am
welcome back. taking a live look. hazy but beautiful clear sky over san jose. so we're going to see filtered
9:27 am
sunshine today. just want to point out, don't let that look deceive you. we're not sparing the air. we might be towards the end of the week. 67 in livermore right now, headed to 67 in gilroy, and 66 in santa teresa and temperatures keep climbing tall w ining all the end of the week. let's check your drive. mike's off. anthony's in the house. >> good forecast. i'm loving it. still finding typical slowdowns at the bay bridge. but today a good day if you have the fast tracking. sliding through all this mess. we're finding two accidents on 880 in fremont at fremont boulevard and mallory at the on ramp there. typical slowdowns in those location. palo alto, things are moving smoothly along. and on our map you'll notice down in the south bay, san jose debris in the roadway at the 101 southbound that's slowing things there. that's all we got for you. >> thank you very much.
9:28 am
we're back in one half hour. hope to see you then. welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning, february 13th, 2013, the day before valentine's day. i'm willie geist along with al roker, natalie morales and food network superstar sunny anderson, helping us out this
9:29 am
morning. >> i'm happy to be here. >> super of the superstars. just ahead we'll show you some of the trends we'll be seeing in the store this is spring. and choosing the right college advice from an ivy league dean. we're getting crafty for valentine's day. we'll do that with soleil moon frye. before that how about a check of the with an earth? >> okay. it sounded like you said moon pie. just in time for mardi gras. >> we love bacon. >> with moon pie. as far as your weather is concerned, wet weather from the southeast into the midatlantic states, little snow later this afternoon into this evening, quick hit, no big problems. few showers in the pacific northwest. tomorrow, sunny skies, cool in the midatlantic states into the northeast. few snow showers around the eastern great lakes. shower or two along the pacific northwest coast. and look for central and northern rockies to see some snow activity. that's what's goin 9:31 on a wednesday morning. another beautiful day to tell you about. 67 degrees in places like
9:30 am
gilroy. 64 for fremont and 63 in los gatos. temperatures will continue to climb as we head through the upcoming week. in fact by friday we'll peak at about 70. looking good for all your outdoor activities even as we head into the upcoming weekend. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. hope have you a fantastic day. >> and that's your latest weather. natalie? >> announcer: "today's" style is brought to you by yoplait. learn how to take your look from good to so good. >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's" style, a sneak peek at fashion week. we went behind the scenes with glamour magazine's editor in chief cindy levie to check out the trends that rocked the runway. >> we're here at the spring 2013 fashion shows where we're looking at the clothes that designers think you're going to
9:31 am
want to wear and you're going to be dying to buy. let's take a look. one big trend, and we're seeing it everywhere for spring, is leather. black leather, very tough leather. leather harnesses everywhere on the runway from bcbg, to jason wu, known for dressing the first lady. went very tough girl f you're looking for a way to bring your bad side girl out i think you will be happy shopping this spring. if you're wondering what colors will be big this spring, think about black and white worn together. we're seeing incredibly beautiful black and white patterns, gold stripes at marc jacobs. victoria beckham did beautiful black and white combinations. alexander wang did his entire collection in black and white. what's different is that you're not just wearing a white piece
9:32 am
atop a black piece but mixing up black and white in one garment. it's really chic. by the way, super easy to wear. if you haven't bought a suit in a few years, you're probably going to want to do that this spring. suits are a big trend. suits in stripes and bright colors, with cutouts and floral patterns. suits are interesting and they're popping up everywhere from victoria beckham to jason wu. the trick is don't go too basic. and, p.s., it can be a pant suit, skirt suit and it can especially be a short suit. they really have become incredibly wearable looks. designers believe in them and i think you can do it. >> i love the look of spring already. cindy levie is here to show us how to pull off the new spring trend. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's start with leather. you did see a lot of leather on the runway. usually we don't think of it as a spring fabric. >> not at all. >> dressing it up. >> it's out there. this is a lighter leather. it's not really heavy. you don't feel like you're wearing a winter coat. jason wu and a lot of other
9:33 am
places we saw it. we wanted to show you how you can pull it together at any price range. let's bring it our first model, ashley. >> glamour staffer, looking fantastic today. what's great about this leather skirt which, by the way, is faux. there is a lot of faux leather out there that looks fantastic. we paired it with lace. i love that leather and lace combination. it looks really sophisticated. the fact that it's pale makes it feel not too, too edgy. you could take and wear this on a weekend with little flats or sandals and a t-shirt. it could be a knock-around skirt. >> and you could wear it in the fall. >> leather leggings are another great piece. wear that all year round. >> leather leggings? >> for real. i'm a big fan. >> next color combo of the season. alexander wang did everything black and white. >> it's not really a color combo. we all have black and white pieces in our closet but how the
9:34 am
designer shows them and how you see lisa wearing them here is in two black and white patterns mixed. a lot of women are nervous about pattern mixing and fashion magazines are always saying do it, do it, do it. this is a great way to start. black and white is a safer, more conservative palate. >> do you think that works on any size? >> if the pattern is small on the area you're trying to minimize, that's the best. a top like this with big wide stripes is really flattering on almost anybody. you can take this top, put it with a big skirt for a dressier look. incredibly versatile. >> it's a great top. lisa, thank you. finally, the spring suit. you'll see a lighter, more fun version of the classic. >> absolutely. we all have skirt suits and pant suits. what we're really into at glamour, believe it or not, is the short suit. i love this look. this is something that probably a lot of women don't already have in their closet. you could wear these pieces
9:35 am
separately. they're super versatile. i love how they look together for the office. i think she looks incredibly promotable. >> she does. >> if your going to try this look, by the way, notice her shoes are polished flats. you don't want to go with a high heel with shorts. that is a tricky look to be able to pull off. also you don't want to go with a really casual sneaker for the office, too casual. >> i'm not doing the shorts. i can do capris. >> you can absolutely do capris. right now it's a great thing to invest in the suit. the corals, beautiful brights look good on everybody's skin tone. it's refreshing to see suits. it's been a while on the runway. >> cindy levie, i know you're in fashion week as well. enjoy it. ladies, come on out. you all look amazing. up next, college advice from an ivy league team right after this. about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen.
9:36 am
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9:39 am
which will help take away my sensitivity. it's a life changer, it really is. it makes you go from grumpy back to happy again. "today" on education nation, advice for students and parents on choosing colleges. dean of admission from the university of pennsylvania. good to see you. >> honor. >> what's the questions, when you're starting to think about college, both for the student and for the parent? what do they need to ask? >> i think they have to be honest with each other. they really need to think about what their anxiety level will be. as a parent, would you allow your child to go far from home? what do you want academically?
9:40 am
talk about the careers, too. why are you going to college, to really think about the education you're going to receive and not just the linear path, let's say, to a job. >> a lot of kids and parents are planning the spring break vacations and visiting colleges. what do you want to look for when you go to that college? >> i like seeing parents and students walk into the admissions office and seem like they're relaxed, because they're going to really be able to take in the place that way. think about just planning a vacation. you could be really stressed about it or you could make the most of it. i think if they're honest with each other, what they want out of that visit and go off the beaten path. go to the library. look at the -- go to the library. not the first on the list, but you should. on penn's campus, it's locust walk. stand in the middle of the college quad at any school when students come out of classes. hear those conversations. go to the information session and tour. try to get a sense of what day-to-day life is like. >> is it a lot like buying a
9:41 am
house, you know it when you see it as far as the fitative college? >> i think it's intellectual and emotional. you can look and say this plans to be a right fit but you walk in the door and know right away it's not. i think it's a good analogy. >> what about the academic facilities, how important are those? >> certainly. you want to see where an institution is investing. at penn we just invested in a music building and also in our stem field, in engineering and math and science. so i think it's important to see the priorities that an institution has. and i think for some students those facilities will really dictate a decision. >> isn't it important for parents and students to have a pretty frank discussion about what they can afford? >> absolutely, al. i think that affordability is something that maybe even ten years ago families would not discuss. you try to protect your children. >> sure. >> nowadays i think it is very important to be honest about what need-based financial aid may look like. penn has a no-loan financial
9:42 am
policy as a example. also do we need to get that scholarship? what does merit money look like? what about the state institution where you live and maybe even out of state? that could still be more affordable. >> as an admissions person when you look at a child's transcript, what's better, an a in a regular course or a b in an ap course? >> it is the old-age question of rigger versus performance. i think the important piece here is recognizing in the process, it is a human process, al, that students aren't equally strong in all fields. >> sure. >> i don't want to see a student avoid a language, math or science in their senior year but that doesn't mean that they need to take the ap physics in their senior year. >> how important are the essay questions? >> common application among the common application -- we just came up with new prompts with a lot of input from guidance counselors and others about what do students -- what do they internalize when they read the question? at the end of the day, we want to hear the student's voice.
9:43 am
let them take down the trappings and not speak to an admission's dean, per se, but tell what they want us to hear about. >> i hear my friends saying their kids are applying to 10, 15 colleges. what's a good average number? >> sitting here in manhattan or philadelphia, those numbers are higher. the average number of applications submitted to the common application, which has about 500 member schools, is four. >> so that's not a bad number? >> that's not a bad number. realistically, students are p probably applying and cover their options academically, admission wise and financially with about eight schools. >> extra letters of recommendation? >> schools have very specific policies on these extra letters. one letter is fine. i think if you're going to three you're really distracting the admission officer. you want to focus their attention in a limit eed time span. >> eric furda, thank you very much. i hope you're working still at u penn when my son is coming up. you hang on a little while
9:44 am
longer. >> all righty. valentine's day crafts, right after this. ♪ this is amazing, how did you find us? i thought we might be related, so i had a fiber analysis done and sure enough, we're family. but you're not even shredded. you're...crunchy?! that happens sometimes. and you help keep people full with whole grain fiber? just like you guys. [ female announcer ] they're different, but the same. new frosted mini-wheats crunch. a tasty square packed with a crunch... [ crunch! ] ...of whole grain fiber that helps keep you full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch! ] new a little biscuit. smile! ohhh bring it in! ooohhhooh! faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll.
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9:47 am
♪ >> announcer: "today" celebrates val entien's day is brought to you by silky smooth dove chocolate promises. the first little treat for all your valentine's. >> on "today" celebrates valentine's day, last-minute
9:48 am
gifts. soleil moon frye. let's talk about the shoes. >> all my twitter community wants to see. they're like 6 1/2, 7 inches. i'm going to try not to fall. >> yes, girl. >> willie has said if i do -- >> red bottoms for valentine's day. very nice touch. >> we've got little boxes of love here. in our house we're all about reusing. you can take cereal boxes, tissue boxes, and craft away. paint, take washy tape, which i'm really into right now. decorate like crazy. it's all about reusing and making it affordable. make valentine's day affordable and fun. >> sunny gets after t you lock like you're painting the garage there. >> i do some things. >> i love it! it's all about having fun.
9:49 am
>> like christmas, the stockings. >> these are all things you can find in your house. this is super fun, easy, last-minute great craft ideas. write notes to your loved ones and put them in the mailbox. how cute, right? >> if we want to put something else in the box, we have our own cards. >> i'm all about nostalgia, of course. keeping it old school here, we have our construction paper. we make our adorable valentine's. this is what i've been doing with the girls. these are like paint swatches. i always have these crazy paint samples lying around. cut-outs also. taking the funny papers or magazines, gift wrapping and making those unique. i love this idea. >> and your daughters, poet and jagger there. >> making homemade cards for school. i love this. it's fun and unique. we're eusing things from our own house. you don't have to get crazy. you can keep it affordable, which is so important. >> keep it all in the family,
9:50 am
right? >> for looking ahead. >> i am so excited! who does not love rice crishri treats? >> get your hands in here. >> a new spin on the rice krispie treat. we're going to make a huge heart over here. such a great gift for your loved one. it's so much fun. you are going to start molding away. >> get in there. >> you go, girl! >> i highly recommend putting your hands in water first. willie, you just have to get in here. we start molding away. you can make little hearts, big hearts and really just have fun with the kids. you can also use cookie cutters, but i like just getting in there. you know what? let's go for it. >> willie made an anatomical version. >> oh, look, your heart is beautiful. you can make them small. you can make them big. this is so fun. over here we're going to spread some chocolate on t we've got white chocolate. >> frost and decorate?
9:51 am
>> spread it all over and frost and decorate. as it's setting, you can decorate it with all your sweethearts, sprinkles. >> perfect. >> go to town, willie. you want to help me here? >> i'm going to help you as we go to break. soleil moon frye, bringing the rice krispie treats. >> have fun. get mes
9:52 am
9:53 am
all right. we're downstairs in our happy valentine's "today" photo booth. dressing up like natalie and sunny here. >> jillian michaels shared this thoughts of love. she said love is my kids. >> actor josh duhamel, love is an intense feeling of deep affection. >> how about kate upton? love is my family. put simply. >> swimsuit models agree love is supporting each other no matter what. >> i think you agree with that.
9:54 am
>> absolutely. i support that. >> all these tv stars, not really a fan of love right now?
9:55 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. it is about to get more expensive to ride b.a.r.t. the transit agency is proposing raising fares a little more than 5% next year sending the average ticket price from about $3.40 to $3.60 depending on the distance traveled. in addition to higher fares b.a.r.t. plans to increase daily parking fees by 50 cents each month up to the current maximum $3 a day. the board will consider changes tomorrow. approval will come at a later date. it is absolutely gorgeous outside. let's get a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> yes, another beautiful day shaping up. high pressure taking the storm track way to our north. it will drive our winds off
9:56 am
shore. the wind from land to sea as they pump. that means temperatures will continue to be unreasonably warm. the upper 60s on the way today. even warmer for valentine's day thursday. then friday, we'll peak in the 70s. 65 in san jose and 64 degrees in los gatos. tomorrow 68 inland and 70s arrive friday. just about as warm getting into the weekend. let's check your drive with anthony slaughter. >> here at 9:56 still looking at traffic slow at the bay bridge toll plaza but we still have accidents that are occurring 880 at fremont this is at mallory boulevard. things are slow there but not completely blocked. lanes are still getting by. mallory on the southbound side of 880. also we're looking at really slow conditions approaching san jose all the way towards 101 from 880 and even 101 northbound from san jose continues to remain slow. not only there but also in foster city moving through san mateo. that's all we have for you now. marla, back to you. >> thank you so much, anthony.
9:57 am
we'll be back in 30 minutes with our next local news update. we'll see you at 10:26.
9:58 am
. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of today with california girls, kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb in santa monica place in santa monica, california.
9:59 am
>> this is our third day here and we love it. the crowd. it keeps getting better and better. you are so much better than the last crowd. how are you? >> wines day wednesday. you knew that. this is a lunar -- this is from the sonoma wine garden. >> what do you think? do you like it? >> you don't? >> that tastes so good. really nice. >> hold on. everyone's got signs. we have been so excited about the signs you bring. they keep improving. welcome to hodywood. i want to draw attention to the woman in the back. she has been here the last three days and never goes home. >> i don't understand her sign. >> i like it. it's a monkey. we like it, it looks cute.
10:00 am
>> a precious baby over here who said i'm spending today with my mommy. >> slim pickings. someone is getting a mug. somebody is getting that mug. they just took another poll recently and they talked about which city in america has the worst commute, the worst traffic. you guys did not win. everybody in california constantly complains about how much time you spend on the road. washington, d.c. i think was the city that won. hoda? >> number two is the d.c. area. three is san francisco and l.a. is the second worst traffic. >> so why is it washington, d.c.? i think it's washington, d.c. >> it's not great traffic and i'm not used to it. in new york it's easy to walk from place to place. now we understand about what you all call the 405.
10:01 am
what you guys call the 101. and the 10. the 10. they had this great snl sketch. what's is called? californians. oh, my god. i didn't get it until i saw this skit. take a look, you guys. >> what are you doing with rosa? >> i was teaching her some english free of charge. >> she works for me. don't you get it. don't you get enough action from malibu county? >> i was leaving anyway. i was going to take cold water canyon and riverside drive and get on van nuys and hop on the 101 to tarzana. >> do it then. get on the 101 and skip all the exits and never come back. >> so there is no traffic on the 101? >> not what i'm talking about. get out of here. >> so get on the 405? >> get in the car and go.
10:02 am
>> all right. get on the 405. >> apparently you guys spend around 61 hours a year in your car. 2 1/2 days. sometimes it feels like a week to get somewhere. >> i get weird road rage and it gets ugly. i had a couple of bad brushes. i don't like when i wait in line for a toll and i'm polite waiting and someone cuts in and puts their blinker up. past everybody. >> unless you are having a baby, don't do that around hoda. >> the guy was inching and we were playing the game of chicken. >> hoda -- >> i keep going until -- >> her chicken was the bird. have you guys ever done that in traffic? >> i don't recommend it. >> some people do it. kathie lee and i took a driving quiz to find out what our driving says about us.
10:03 am
this is what kathie lee's answers show. hers say you are a polite driver. a calm and peaceful person. you realize arguments are temporary and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. you have respect for authority figures and feel rules and enforcement are important and make sure you are doing the right thing at ought times. >> let me read about hoda. >> you are a mostly polite driver. you are laid back, but can't help but feel jealous and competitive sometimes. you have mixed feelings about figures of authority and somewhat focused and can be scatter brained. maybe it's the radio and distractions can get you in trouble. >> i know. >> we have ways to entertain yourself while you are sitting in traffic no matter what freeway. some suggest you sing along with the radio. top of the lungs with your
10:04 am
windows down and wave at other people and see if they wave back. i'm not kidding. >> you know what we say to the kids. we used to get the attention of the person next to us and turn the other way and wave. the other thing we used to do is sit in the back of the station wagon. remember the seats that faced out the back and pretend like we were punching something and the people behind would be like what is wrong with those kids? we thought it was hysterical. >> one thing you can do instead is stare up in the sky with horror in your eyes. enough of that in the world. make a sign that said honk if you have to pee. what's more fun than that. who made this up? let's move on. >> not working. you guys have gone to the gym
10:05 am
and we talk about gym etiquette and how this works. i had this thing yesterday where people get dressed while they are speaking to you. they are naked and say hey, how's everything at the show. i never know what to do. the instinct is to try to stare at their eyes and the other is you can't help but compare. you are like wow. >> if something is not exactly symmetrical. >> no one is. >> you have a bigger side and smaller side. >> if one is hanging low and one is perky. you know who you are. >> i can't help but compare even though you don't mean to. who looked at other women's boobs before? you say oh, my god, she looks my age and hers are up and mine are down. >> absolutely. >> you feel insecure.
10:06 am
>> i try to do it discreetly. >> when i get out of the shower i'm bundled up and i have my towel like this. >> how many of you don't mind walking around the gym naked? you are a naked? really? double mastectomy, you go, girl. >> you have a reason. good for you. >> we are going to choose our creative sign of the day. seriously. >> well, you know what, she has been here three shows. would someone please bring this woman from the back. please bring her up here. >> let's send the monk to her. >> we pointed out on the first show, we didn't give away a mug. you know what we gave away. a car. a toyota rav 4. come on up and take a mug.
10:07 am
>> what else? >> we have a big show coming up. kathie lee gifford and chelsea handler. they are in a smack down fight. honestly. congratulations. thank you. here's your mug. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here with us the last three days. i have no idea if we are out of time, but if everything else doesn't work, joanna swears -- oh, my gosh. i don't know what's coming up. >> the chelsea handler feud is back. ♪ ♪ ladies, i gotta go to work.
10:08 am
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10:11 am
>> kathie lee and i have a feud going with chelsea handler and it started when she was supposed to be on her show and she canceled. she said she was sick allegedly. >> i happened to be in her neighborhood and i went by to find out for myself what the story was. >> what happened? >> let's say i had my way with her. >> any time now. is she here?
10:12 am
come? ! i'm sorry, you caught me. >> i want to make up with you. >> i'm worried about you because i heard you canceled the "today" show. i heard you had food poisoning. >> that was a lie. >> she was supposed to show up and she didn't. >> canceled about an hour and a half before the show. >> hit her eye on the shower curtain and then she had food poisoning. >> allegedly. >> i don't have a good reason so to hoda kotb and kathie lee gifford, i'm sorry. >> because of my relationship with you, you would be the safest people. >> hoda is hurt. >> hoda is very sensitive. >> she is egyptian. >> she is always that way. >> before you met me, you didn't even drink in the morning. >> it's never too early for a cocktail. >> did you give you one?
10:13 am
>> ready? >> did you ever in your wildest dreams think it would come to this? >> no! >> i pulled up here for the first day at universal studios and you said miss handler your parking spot is here and i had one of those moments. i got out and some woman went wait! chewy! >> then i came on stage for the first show and look what my writers put. a jewish star to remind me of my roots. >> i think that's wonderful. >> this is where i stand every day. >> it's chelsea handler. >> who has been your favorite guest. your best frens in the world jennifer aniston. >> jen is say great guest. the best guest ever is probably like will ferrell. so stupid.
10:14 am
>> this is chunk. my chunky. >> hello chunky. >> getting the back stage tour. what do you have to say for yourself you big masculine man? i have my refrigerator bar and all my things. chewy's feet are bronzed. >> this is a lot of different boyfriends. >> those are friends. i haven't slept with any of those people hardly. this is my closet. chunk again. that's where he goes when he's being filmed. >> his favorite place to be. is that your mommy's place for you. you a good baby? how cute can you be. >> someone is being sexually harassed, they go in there. that place must be rocking all
10:15 am
day. >> there is always someone in that chair. my brother makes lunch for us every day. >> he does? >> he's the katerer. >> how fabulous. >> i'm all about nepotism. >> me too. >> why not. >> people are like you are not supposed to hire family or friends or sleep with anyone you work with. i disagree with all of those things. whatever is the most convenient. >> and makes the most people happy. i'm with you. >> we can agree on something. >> bonding. >> it looks like all sweetness and light. she did beg me to stick around and film an episode of her after lately. the new season begins on february 25th. it got ugly. >> i'm sure it did. >> the feud is on. >> coming up next, the quirky photos that make you say "what
10:16 am
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10:19 am
it's eb. >> let me take a look at the photos that make you say, "what the what ". ? we picked five of them. >> you will love this segment. our first photo comes from lake
10:20 am
havasu city, arizona. look at that pool. that is carpooling. >> the 4-year-old is in it. i love it. >> we are working up to the goods. marissa from west hartford, connecticut. i hope this is not appropriate. it's a hoda ipa beer. that's in a bar in connecticut. >> $18? >> you have been tapped. >> you are sick. >> from ohio, they submitted this photo. i leave you alone for five minutes and the dog is in the fruity pebbles box. he ripped the bottom off. there pictures. that's cute. from oakland, maryland, they sent this photo.
10:21 am
baby powder is the caption. that should be i leave you alone for five minutes. >> that's right. that's funny. >> finally laura from hawthorne woods, illinois submitted this. instead of chicken caesar salad, her parrot is on there. parrot caesar. i'm all for sleeping with dogs, but that's nasty. >> was that it? nice job. >> coming up, kathie lee is going out into the audience to play a fun game of who knew? also, the hunky guys from the galaxy are here. >> soccer players. check out the view. >> all after this. ♪ na na na na na ♪ i woke up to a new day ♪ every little thing gonna go my way ♪ ♪ i woke up to a light bulb on
10:22 am
♪ every little thing is possible now ♪ [ female announcer ] we've added a touch of philadelphia cream cheese to our kraft natural shredded cheese so you can bring a creamier melt to any morning. ♪ life is amazing with the love that i've found ♪ ♪ ♪ yer always after me lucky charms!
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whoa. i forgot how good these taste! [ lucky ] ♪ they're magically delicious whoa. i forgot how good these taste! mommy! i went potty! that's great, honey.... where? for life's bleachable moments.
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10:25 am
you're watching "today in the bay". good morning to you. it's 10:26. i'm marla tellez. a funeral service is about to begin for officer michael crane who was killed in the line of duty during a shooting rampage. a line of motorcycles accompanied the hearse to the church in riverside. governor jerry brown and thousands of others are expected to attend the service. he has two children under the age of 10. they believe he was ambushed by christopher dorner during a shooting spree last thursday. after the break, we'll check that forecast. and also take a look at the commute coming up.
10:26 am
10:27 am
welcome back. the time is 10:28. temperatures are climbing. we do have some fog out there. mostly concentrated around the san francisco bay, but it won't last long. it should be burning off as we head through the next hour, hour and a half. and temperatures are going to be so comfortable today. 66 in santa teresa. we're not even done climbing just yet. for the full forecast tune in today at 11:00. let's check the drive with anthony slaughter. >> fog still holding on tightly at the bay bridge the traffic has cleared in that specific location but we're still seeing foggy locations. on our traffic maps that we're
10:28 am
still tracking an accident 680 in walnut creek approaching 24, the on ramp there seem to be blocked just a little bit. but as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, you'll notice no issues there. the south bay continues to see slow spots on the 101. otherwise that's all we've got for you. >> anthony, thanks so much. we'll have more in just 30 minutes. we are back from santa monica place with the weekly trivia game called who knew. this is the home of all things hollywood, but things you may not know about this particular definition. kathie lee is out in the crowd for $100 for those who get the answers right. if you don't, you get kathie
10:29 am
lee's cd and my book. losers get that stuff. ready to help me out here in l.a. is the founder of the website hidden l.a., lynn garrett. are you ready? >> so ready. >> do your thing. >> look at this darling guy from sydney, australia. g' day mate. how many members of the band actually surfed. all of them, one, two, or three of them. >> i reckon all of them would have to have surfed at one point. >> you would be wrong. >> you are going to love this. we are so big in australia. here you go. the correct answer is only one surfed. >> only one. only brian wilson. dennis wilson actually. dennis was a surfer. the band was 1961 and they were teenagers and he thought they should write a song about his
10:30 am
favorite hobby and the kids would like it and they did. >> she came all the way from san diego. what item was sold on the beaches of santa monica in the 30s. frisbe frisbees, volleyballs, surfboards or tennis rackets? >> surfboards. >> no. you would be wrong. it's a good day for me and hoda. >> frisbees. frisbees were first sold by the inventor and his girlfriend, but they had come a long way because they were called flying cake pans. that's what they were. >> back in the day. this lady is from camarillo. how much does it cost to get a star on the hollywood walk of fame. $10, $1500, $30,000 or $1 million? >> $1 million? >> that are would be worth it. excellent day.
10:31 am
the best day ever. the correct answer is $30,000? >> it's gone up over the years. you have to be nominated and accepted and approve and there is a $30,000 fee for the creation, installation and the upkeep of the star. it's usually not paid by the celebrity, but a fan club or their agent or something. >> okay. stop flirting. >>, apparently he and i took a picture 13 years ago, but i don't want to talk about it. true or false, the cob salad was invented by a guy named bob cobb. >> i'm going to say true. i just bought the book. >> thank you. >> you can buy four more with that. >> his name was bob cobb. >> mr. cobb was the owner of the brown desh restaurant in hollywood. one night he had a craving and he was in the kitchen at midnight and he came up with a
10:32 am
salad and put it on the menu and it's called the cobb salad. >> i had a new restaurant now, but that story is true. this gentlemen is from frank's adopted hometown of bakersfield. the blinking light on top of the cap toll records spells out what word? >> i would say all of the above. >> no. so wrong. not a lot of people know this, but it spells out hollywood. the original then president of capitol record when is they came here in 1956 he wanted it as an advertisement that it was the first record company to have a basis on the west coast. >> we will wrap it up because we have a lot of show coming up. stick around and we will talk jazz and other things i don't know about yet.
10:33 am
after this. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, dare new color tattoo 24 hour metal shadow oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. from maybelline new york exclusive metallic pigments in a cream gel... for molten hot 24-hour power color. get inked with color tattoo metal by eye studio ♪ maybe it's maybelline♪ ♪stir it, stir it,ir it, stir it up, stir it up. ♪♪
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10:36 am
10:37 am
>> oh, no. you are here in sunny santa monica place just gearing up for spring break. there lots of goodies and gadgets that can spice up your fun in the sun. >> you know who is here? >> i don't. >> brooke lee from mommy loves >> all this fun stuff. >> you are in the sun and running out of batteries. this harnesses the sun into your phone. it's solar powered. >> this is california, hoda. >> you have sun, you have power. >> until you can charge it. >> all your things. $99. a great buy. this is great. it's vacuum packed. go ahead and dunk it. >> whose is it?
10:38 am
>> doesn't matter. dunk it. now you take it out and it's fine. >> how do you know? >> i can take a picture of you right there. >> how do we look. not good. >> talk about who wants to dunk next? >> i will dunk it. i didn't buy it. >> you put your mp3 in there and dunk it. >> i would never put my phone in there. >> do it. >> no! >> $150. $50. it's great. >> we like it. trust me. it works. >> i think we ruined my watch. >> this is $89. >> my watch went in. >> the cooler and part radio. you keep your things cool and tunes hot. this is a radio and mp3 player. inside you keep your drinks cool.
10:39 am
ladies. water is filtered through the filter right here. never run out again. as long as you have a tap, you have filtered water. >> i love water. we will talk about that. >> this i think you will like. this is elegant. you stick it right into the bottom. it's all and elegant and the bottle holder. >> i like that. >> right here in front of you. great gift. now speaking of gifts for the young at heart, this is like a ring toss. i would make you do it, but we don't want to hurt each other. >> it's like a sword. >> you toss it back and forth. >> we got it. i will do it. >> that was close. >> i got it. >> so far this game is not fun. >> $20 and you catch it, see? there you go. >> you have to get used to it. last one. >> here we go. it gets dangerous.
10:40 am
now you are done with your vacation and have all your photos. the easiest ap that you can use is called familiar. you download the ap and put your photos on it and you send it instantly to all of your phones on their smart phones and computers. familiar. it's a free ap. all you need to remember. free ap. this is going to shock you. this is called a shack. $49.99 at amazon. step back. it could get dangerous. >> i don't know what it is, but i want it. >> look how small it was and how big it gets. >> instant cabana. 49.99. this little tiny bag. isn't that great? >> you are welcome. >> where are those guys? the hot men from the galaxy are here. there they are.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
10:45 am
[ female announcer ] eggo waffles. . >> okay, hoda. >> we are back with guys who definitely know how to score. >> they do. >> they are one of major league soccer's most decorated champions. you guys are the reigning champions. >> they are going to show us in order of appearance. todd donovan, rafael garcia. collin clark. marcelo and where is clint? down there. a heck of a soccer player too. >> when does your season start? >> our first game is sunday, march 3rd at home depot center. >> your season lasts until when? >> december. >> you have like a month off or six weeks. >> not a lot. >> how hard is it going to be to keep the title?
10:46 am
>> most gorgeous? >> yeah. >> the most gorgeous, that might be easy. >> and they are modest too. >> just kidding. definitely competing for the title is going to be tough. it's a long season. all of the teams are looking strong. we will be fighting hard. >> when we came up here, we looked at all of you and you are very good-looking guys. the guys with the best physiques are soccer players. is that true? >> we did win the championship last year. >> my point. >> water polo and basketball. we are going to ask a favor. >> hoda, i think she is going to ask. >> we want you guys to show us a move, but we would like you to take your shirts off when you do. i'm serious. >> oh, no. they did warn us about you. >> you guys -- come on.
10:47 am
>> maybe the young guys. who is going to do it? >> you are. >> hoda. >> all right, i will. >> there you go. >> all right. hoda, come out here. you are going here. >> grab a ball with each. you guys have the pretty six-inch heels on. >> be careful. >> you are going to pass back and forth and use the inside of your foot and not your toe. nice and easy. there we go. >> what's the next thing? >> oh! >> don't forget that thing. ready? >> you get that one. >> kick them in the shin.
10:48 am
>> yeah! >> you have to do some kind of celebration. you can't score and run away. >> what do you have in mind? >> i don't know. >> we will if you will. >> hoda will do anything. >> these guys always have a competition when they play at the field and everything. now we have a competition with you guys. both of you each get a ball and both of you i assume are right-footed? >> i guess so. >> you have to kick left footed into the goal. it's not very far. let's get started. whoever misses, the other one owes the other a bottle of wine. >> okay. >> do we do it together? >> one at a time. >> see the goal? >> you ka aim one at a time. >> here we go.
10:49 am
oh! >> i owe you. >> that was so easy. left footed. >> that's a shame. that's just a shame. >> all right, kids. what were you guys here for? >> one of you could have taken off your shirt! >> this is "today" on nbc.
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
. >> you can get these tacos high end or at a vendor. >> if you want to sink your teeth into something special, you have to try the super snacker taco. richard is the chef and owner of la sandia in santa monica place. he has been with us in new york.
10:53 am
great to see you. >> you are making us fish tacos. >> we're are smaring with red snapper marinated in mayonnaise and oil. you have canola. >> that's what we were asking. >> keep the calories down. >> we are going to add the fish. it's mayonnaise and the paste comes from the chi i and spices. >> for already sounds good. that cooks up quickly. >> a couple of minutes and you should be ready it go. >> if you want to help me. we have napa cabbage here. we are going to add salt and pepper and a little bit to the fish. >> you want to flip it? i don't know how to do that. >> a little bit of pepper and salt. >> so far i'm exhausted. >> lime juice. >> and then the chipotle. >> that's the key ingredient.
10:54 am
the calories. >> you want to help me heat up the tortillas. let me pop this. >> look at me stirring. >> you have pico degallow. you have the cilantro with the tomato. >> you mix the two. >> toss that around. for those over a little bit. >> am i overcooking the fish? >> you don't want it to be overtooked anyway. that's perfect. >> okay. >> now we have a taco holder here. >> oh, my gosh. >> okay. >> if you want to bring the fish over here. >> what do you want me to do? >> you put it on here. >> oh, yeah. that looks delicious. >> it gets a nice carmelization with the mayo and the chillies.
10:55 am
you have the nice aroma there. then we top this off. >> get in there! you are going to get in there. >> i can't even wait. what are we waiting for? >> they get messy, but they are worth it. >> they are worth it. whatever. ready? >> they are supposed to be messy. >> come on. get in. >> san gria for you. in case you want it. >> hold on. >> how is the flavor on that? >> so good. thank you. >> the shows from california continue tomorrow. we are going to do a tour of l.a. hope you guys are all doing great. snowy. >> it's 85 here. bye.
10:56 am
10:57 am
10:58 am
nbc bay area news starts now. good morning, and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. we have new details surrounding christopher dorner whose deadly rampage killing four people made him america's most wanted fugitive. while officials say it will now take days maybe weeks to
10:59 am
positively identify the e-l.a. cop's burned body, authorities confirming that dorner's california driver's license has been recovered from inside that torched cabin. also happening right now, a funeral service for riverside police officer michael crane, killed in the line of duty during dorner's shooting rampage. this was the motorcade of law enforcement cars riding with that hearse to grove community church in riverside. governor jerry brown and thousands of others expected to attend this service. crane, he was a father of two children, both under the age of 10. investigators, they believe crane was ambushed by dorner during a shooting spree just last week. yesterday police engaging in gunfire with that suspect before burning down the cabin. he was barricaded inside of. stephanie stanton has the latest from san bernardino county. >> reporter: this cab number the wois


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